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A virtual classroom is essentially teaching without the teacher, an interaction between student and the teacher, via means of online technology interfaces such as massive open online courses in the form of online video broadcasting, notes, lectures, examinations etc., but virtual classrooms also pose various difficulties to their students. This little snippet written below tries to discuss the various limitations of these classrooms along with their impact on the students learning process and their development in real life. Virtual classrooms, although they may sound modern and revolutionary, still pose students with many problems in the process of learning or attending. Some of these problems are no face to face interaction, availability of resources or rather a lack of resources, authenticity of course and certificate malpractices, time limits etc. Students taking part in virtual classroom may not actually be gaining any knowledge, especially high school or college students who do these courses for extra marks and don’t actually pay attention. More over with lack of resources practical knowledge is not achievable. This article aims to bring out all the disadvantages and problems that students face while engaging in a virtual classroom so that it could help other students willing to take such course a prior general idea about them.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Certificate EV Charging Station Installer

Design Guidelines For EV Charging Infrastructure

Are you someone who sees future business prospects in the electric vehicles segment? If yes, then, this might be a good news to you.

An area of 3 km could require about 300 charging stations with about 4-5 charging slots. To reach a milestone of meeting the charging requirement of 2,000,000 Electric Cars, around 400,000 nos of Charging stations are required by 2026. Apart from vehicle manufacturers, third party companies are also in the race to announce plans to set up charging infrastructure in the country.

An EV infrastructure plan must consider these different users, as well as how to plan, zone, and legislate for the charging needs of the future. Selecting a site for EVSE installation willlikely require consideration of a combination of factors. While every site is unique and every EVSE host has priorities for installation, common physical elements characterize every EVSE site design. Various sections of the Code set out minimum requirements for the installation of EV charging equipment. Typically, an EV charging space requires more area than a standard parking space. In order to ensure safe and easy movement around the charging station.

The only standards that currently set out specifications for fast charging are CHAdeMO and SAE J1772 Combo. The maximum charging power specified by the CHAdeMO standard is 62 kW (125 A at 500 VDC), while the J1772 Combo standard sets the maximum power at 100 kW (200 A at 500 VDC).

A charging station is usually in the form of a fixture connected directly to an electrical distribution pane. Some have additional features: energy meter, electronic payment system, card-controlled access system, Internet access, etc.

A variety of models designed for different uses are available on the market. When selecting a charging station, While designing your electric vehicle charging stations, ensure they are protected from vehicle collision.

EV Charging Pyramid

This training session presents useful information about the

  •  installation of electric vehicle charging stations with design of Public Charging station combination of Level 2, CCS, CHAdeMO, Level 2 SAE J1772 Combo etc.
  •  Charging Station Site Assessment
  •  Charging Station ROI
  •  State, city wise vendor detail
  •  How to make EV Charging Station Project Proposal
  •  Govt. guide line, How to submit Govt Project Tender
  •  Practical Installation of Charging Station


The Ministry of Power has said that now no separate licence will be required for set up charging infrastructure for electric vehicles under the provision of the Electricity Act 2003, the government is looking to give a further boost to e-vehicles by opening up the playing field to individuals. The person should apply for connectivity and the distribution company is bound to provide connectivity


Even though awareness for electric vehicles has increased multiple times but the skill level and base knowledge required to develop electric vehicles and to understand them is still limited. This creates a gap in demand and supply which is currently filled by buying off the shelf products from limited players in electric component industry.


Academy of EV Technology, A Unit of Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust, Regd. under NCT New Delhi, Govt. of India

View Course Syllabus 


Post Graduate Programme on Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Electric Vehicle Powertrain
PGP on Electric Vehicle Powertrain:
Earn a Post Graduate Certificate in Electric Vehicle Powertrain from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Academy of EV Technology. You will learn the unique skills that industry needs to build the next generation of advanced electric vehicles. If you would like learn in-depth on EV subsystems, there are amazing courses been offered by University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Academy of EV Technology.
Job Opportunities: as a engineer or BDM at Electric Vehicle Manufacturing unit, EV battery manufacturing unit, EV charger manufacturing unit, EV motor, powertrain etc. Salary Range Rs.3L to 5L/Year and more.
* Virtual Classroom Training

EV EVSE Course Offered by AEVT

EV & EVSE MSME Development Training Course

Electric Vehicle Technology & Business Management
EV EVSE Business Management Course for Entrepreneurs
Outcome of this Techno Commercial course: Throughout this training session, AEVT bridges the needs of startups so that candidate can understand the technology from basic of EV to EVSE equipment like Lithium-ion battery, Battery pack assembly process, EV Motor, Charger, Charging station development and all others parts/ equipments calculation, selection, Building a Legal Foundation, Understanding Finance Basics, Business Planning and Fundraising. It equips you with conceptual frameworks for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities, evaluating techno-commercial attractiveness for investment, and launching a new venture. The program is designed for Fresh Graduates, Managers, Engineers
AEVT provide after training support for startups from planing to production.
* Virtual Classroom Training

e-Mobility Corporate Training

e-Mobility Corporate Training
e-Mobility Corporate Training
Corporate & Industrial Training for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment company, EV Charging Network company, EV Charger developer company, EV Communication system development company. Top Industry expert and success startup coming to share knowledge with you.
* Virtual Classroom Training

EV Public Charging Station (AC/DC)

EV Charging Station Business Course
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Design, Installation
Online Virtual class on EV Charging Station Designs, planing, costing, ROI, vendor selection and serves as a starting point for EV charging installation projects. Case study of EV charging station business model.
* Virtual Classroom Training

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